Tronic batteries review

I bought a few sets of the latest Tronic AA mAh cells because the previous mAh version was very good. The cells were much warmer than normal with a discharge current of mAh, and the voltage was lower. That is why i think that the internal resistance is much higher than normal for AA nimh cells. I have sent these results to Lidl, and i am waiting for their response on this problem… These cells are not useable for me, the camera flash will not work very long, and with the high internal resistance the recharging of the flash capacitor will take much too long.

The price was very low 3,99 Eurobut i can not recommend these cells. I have purchased several packs of Tronic mAh cells in the UK and have also been disappointed.

How to Make USB Rechargeable 9V Li-Ion Battery

I also noticed the unusual light weight — 19g per cell. So far I have only tested one pack but all packs share the same low weight so I imagine they will all be much the same. I have contacted Lidl Belgium, the response was to take the batteries back within 30 days after purchase to get a refund… They did not mention anything about the bad quality of the cells.

Last week i tested older Top Craft mAh Ready To Use cells, and the results are still very good bought in september mAh, mAh, mAh and mAh, that is almost the same as in the first test seven years ago.

Much better than the mAh Tronic cells…. Like Hobbyfotograaf I have had good results from an old pack of Tronic mAh cells. For comparison purpose I charged both with the same intelligent charger and then logged the following discharge curves. I think the results are self-explanatory.

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The Eneloop info thread. They are happy to refund me but seem uninterested in my findings and have not placed the batteries on their recall list. I also spoke to Kompernass but they were very unhelpful. By contrast the UK trading authorities seemed very interested in my findings but whether any action will be taken remains to be seen.

Maybe i could send a pack of 4 of these cells to HKJhe is the expert in testing batteries. Teardown comparison? These are just as good as the older mAh cells much better than the mAh version. For only 2,99 euro, the mAh version is a very good buy. The testresults with the Maha were very close to mAh. I think Lidl knows by now that some people will check the real capacity of the nimh batteries they sell…. Volt at purchase 1.

The last batches of batteries correspond to the declared characteristics. Stear clear of Eco batteries. They are complete garbage.Are these the ones that can spontaneously combust and come with a warning leaflet? Its the Lithium reaction with oxygen dude i doubt many people are using a pair of snips to open their batteries Join Latest Deals for free and get a hand-picked list of the best deals, delivered straight to your inbox.

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Tronic NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Shared by garygemmell. What do you think of this Lidl Offers deal? Is it one of thay smart doorbells? Not so smart on the batteries then. You would be cheaper in the long run getting a front doorbell wired to the mains! AndyJudge 1 year ago. Who doesnt like an exploding battery its great fun!

Unexpected flames yeeeehhaaaaaaa! Now the batteries inside a laptop now they are real fun! Just dont play with them on the plane on the way to Corfu! The best deals, straight to your inbox Join Latest Deals for free and get a hand-picked list of the best deals, delivered straight to your inbox.

Join for Free. We use cookies e. Find out more.There was a time when even the best rechargeable batteries seemed to run out of juice earlier than their alkaline counterparts and, after several discharges and recharges their capacity to hold a charge plummeted.

Tronic 2400 mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries from Lidl - Warning

Thankfully, modern rechargeable batteries no longer behave like that and the best batteries put in a much more reliable and usable performance. They come with much higher capacities than they used to and hold their charge for up to a year or more when in storage.

The memory effect is a thing of the past. All of the batteries featured here are of the nickel-metal hydride variety, or NiMH. In the vast majority of cases, yes, although some experts have noted that some devices that require six or more batteries may not perform as well using NiMH batteries.

Basically, the higher the number on the battery, the bigger its capacity and the longer it will run. You may not see the mAh figure on the box, so check the specs in the listing first.

Incidentally, mAh stands for milliampere-hour. As expected, there were running time discrepancies between batteries of different miliampere hours mAhbut all of the batteries featured here performed well.

A rechargeable battery is as useless as a chocolate teapot without a charger. Granted, these are the most expensive batteries on this page and you can only charge them around times before they lose their mojo. But they seem to run forever and work brilliantly in extreme temperatures.

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The Eneloop Pro is the go-to battery for power-hungry devices such as digital cameras, radio-controlled toys, cordless landline phones and torches. This great-value AA battery has a charge capacity of 2,mAh and can be recharged up to 1, times. When it comes to buying batteries, most users prefer to stick with reliable, trusted brand names like Duracell and Energizer.

So a plain-looking battery with the word AmazonBasics on it has got to be avoided, right? Some unfounded rumours have suggested that these Amazon-branded batteries — which arrive in an unprepossessing cardboard box — are made in the same factory as the Panasonic Eneloops. Amazon sent us the eight-pack, high-capacity 2,mAh AA version and we were impressed with how well they performed on test.

tronic batteries review

In fact, the difference in running time between these and the Eneloops was negligible. However, you can only recharge them about times. This includes two AA and two AAA batteries, with lights that turn green when the batteries are charged and power from a separate AC adapter.

A fast charger like this tends to put more strain on a battery, reducing its lifespan a little in the process. But, hey, having to buy new rechargeables a little more often will still be far cheaper than constantly using disposable alkaline batteries. The mAh batteries go even further, with up to 3, recharge cycles. Venom is best known for producing specialist battery and charge kits for console controllers, particularly the Xbox One, which still uses traditional AAs.

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I won! Important update! Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest version. Consumer40 Forumite 40 posts. A warning to anyone who has purchased AA rechargeable batteries from Lidl this June. Unfortunately there have been a number of reports in other forums that some of these batteries have nothing like their claimed capacity. My tests indicate that they only have half their stated capacity - i.

If anyone has purchased these batteries, and is disappointed with their performance, then there is a fairly easy check which does not require specialist test equipment.

According to Lidl, each cell should weigh My defective cells weigh significantly less - around 19g. The-Truth posts.

tronic batteries review

One of these will tell you how much charge went in during each charge and doesn't cost too much.Use the tools below to refine your search by only displaying reviews with a certain number of star ratings or to only show reviews from a certain time period.

Eg click on '1 star' to just display the reviews we have which received a 1 star rating click or 'Within the last month' to display just reviews posted over the last month.

Automatic, compact plug top charger for 2V, 6V and 12V lead acid batteries. Fully automatic voltage control makes it suitable for 'float' charging car batteries. I use it to keep my Honda CB motorcycle battery in a healthy state during winter off road storage. I have also used it to maintain a car battery for 12 months whilst the owner was working in London, car started first time on their return.

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With no annoying cord to bog you down, you can easily carry your battery-run items — hand vacuum, cordless drill — wherever you need to go. There are no worries about finding an outlet for the plug. But traditional batteries require frequent replacements, which can get rather pricey. Thankfully, you can now use rechargeable batteries to power many of your favorite devices. As the name suggests, you have only to recharge them when you run out of juice.

After a short while, the batteries are ready to go again. For general tips on shopping for rechargeable batteries, continue reading this guide. Here are a few reasons why you might want to make the change. Rechargeable batteries are economical. Because you can use them hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Rechargeable batteries are convenient.

tronic batteries review

And with a little forethought, you can arrange it so that you always have a set charged and ready to go. Rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly. And because they can be used repeatedly, rechargeable batteries require fewer natural resources to produce than single-use batteries. An effective alternative to NiMH batteries, NiZn rechargeable batteries are another high-performing option. Li-Ion batteries are a high-voltage rechargeable option.

These batteries work well with some speciality items, such as flashlights. NiCad batteries were the first rechargeable batteries to hit the market, but they are a poorly performing option these days.

Tronic AA 2400mAh Ready To Use Lidl Belgium (bad quality!!)

They also contain a toxic metal, cadmium, which is a concern for many people. Rechargeable batteries are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most devices and appliances, including the following. You can use rechargeable batteries just as you would single-use styles, so choose the sizes that your devices call for. The amount of energy a rechargeable battery can store is measured in milli-ampere hours, or mAh.

The higher the battery rating, the longer the battery will last per charge. An mAh battery will last three times as long as a mAh battery, for example.We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies.

tronic batteries review

You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. But the worst may only deliver around hours of battery life in total before they stop recharging effectively, fail to meet their stated capacity or leak away charge between uses.

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We've tested a range of popular AA rechargeable battery brands in our rigorous lab tests, including Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic and Varta, to find the longest-lasting reliable rechargeable batteries.

Our tests have discovered that buying expensive batteries doesn't guarantee you the best. You can pay a similar amount for four Best Buy batteries, or for a pack of four rechargeable batteries close to the bottom of our table. We test how long each battery lasts under high-drain conditions, so you know our Best Buys will withstand the toughest usage conditions. We also look at whether a battery reaches its stated capacity when charged, whether it can be recharged hundreds of times and still deliver decent battery life and its charge retention.

Only logged-in Which? Coronavirus Read our latest advice. Reviews based on facts. Our robust testing reveals the best AA rechargeable batteries — and the ones to avoid. We compare all the latest brands to help you find the perfect AA rechargeable batteries. Ryan Shaw.

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